Visual guidelines

Our visual style attempts to meet the expectations of our audience. Fun, energetic and vibrant when called upon but not at the expense of message clarity. 

Our Logo

Student Beans teal is our primary and preferred application. It looks great on white but can also be used on pale, plain coloured backgrounds so long as contrast is good. 

logo teal@1.5x.png
logo reverse@1.5x.png
logo mono@1.5x.png

SB Monogram 

The SB monogram is an additional visual element that can be used when brand recognition has been established, when space is tight or to aid brand awareness as a supporting mechanic. 


Clear space 

As a standalone mark, the logo should maintain a minimum of one character height distance from all other objects. Measure from the top of the uppercase ‘S’ or ‘B’, as the ‘d’ is allowed to breach this a little. 


In copy 

Do not use the logo as part of a sentence within a block of copy. You can, however, use the logo at the end of a short descriptor, such as “Get 15% off with Student Beans” 

in copy@1.5x.png

Minimum size 

The logo should never be smaller than 100px wide in digital or 35mm wide in print. The monogram should never be smaller than 20px wide in digital or 7mm in print.


Our Colours

Teal is our signature colour and should be used more prominently, purple and red are our secondary colours. Designs should feature our core teal with one or more accent colours. 

Primary colours@1.5x.png
R80 G195 B205
C63 M0 Y23 K0 
R88 G72 B157
C78 M78 Y0 K0
R220 G46 B66
C6 M92 Y67 K1 

Any questions?

If you have any questions about anything in this guide, you are missing any assets you need or you are unsure if your communication best represents the Student Beans brand, please contact the design team.